An Art Revolution Perhaps…

By Loryn Spangler-Jones, artist

Photograph provided by Vanessa Reisig, owner Annex 24 Gallery

Photo by Vanessa Reisig, owner Annex 24 Gallery

As artists it is our job to constantly challenge the status quo, push boundaries, cross lines even challenge societal norms. We are constantly evolving and looking for ways to translate this into our work whether visually, musically or whatever your medium of choice. We have, I believe, a responsibility to society to bring the arts into the homes and lives of everyone around us, to create a richer more appealing world for us all to exist in. One of the most beautiful things about art is there are no rules. The only limitations are the ones we create. For too long music and the visual arts have peacefully coexisted in Lancaster as two equal but very separate forms of art.

The arts were not meant to be nor should they be mutually exclusive on any level. After all, creative energy is the source for all art no matter the medium. This universal energy, available to all, is free for the taking. Whether one is making music, painting a canvas, dancing a story or writing a book the energy used all comes from the same place. And it is far time we begin to blur that invisible line of demarkation and break down the walls that separate music from a canvas from a dance. No matter the medium all creativity tells us a story. And if that is the case, wouldn’t it only make sense that in mixing mediums we would just create a richer more vibrant story? Even looking at indigenous cultures where creativity is the hub of their existence, any and all rituals and/or celebrations are oozing with color, music and dance.

MFE’s Keys to the City project has been a fantastic way to incorporate the visual arts with performance: recreating older pianos into something more visually stimulating if not inviting for the public to sit down and play. In addition, giving several of Lancaster’s local artists an opportunity to donate there time and talent. But why stop there? Well, they didn’t. MFE invited 6 local artists to paint HUGE 8x10foot canvases with music as their inspiration. These canvases were then hung in Lancaster Square across the street from Binn’s Park to bring some much needed color and life to a what is currently a very industrial pallet. What a fantastic way to bring visual celebration to MFE’s volume V CD release party this past Music Friday. With fresh live music and huge colorful lively art, senses were certainly being stimulated and creative energy flowing through all who attended.

With MFE pioneering an art revolution here in Lancaster we are all sure to be influenced to some degree by this universal energy filled with inspiration, stimulation and creation.

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