Lancaster PA, “Street Piano Capital of the World”

Lancaster PA, “Street Piano Capital of the World”


As you have heard (literally), Keys for the City pianos are still on the streets in downtown Lancaster. And while you’ve head those pianos, have you also heard that Lancaster is the “Street Piano Capital of the World”?  We can make this claim based on several metrics:


Consecutive Years for Program: We’ve placed pianos on the streets for five years running, the most consecutive years of any city that we are aware of.


Length of the Program:  Our pianos are out for use by the public 24/7 for over four full months. Again, a longer stretch of time than any other city we are aware of.


Piano Per Capita Ratio: Lancaster can boast of having one street piano per every 4563 residents (13 pianos for 59,325 [2013 estimate])


Piano Key Pey Capita:  We can also boast of having one piano key per 51.86 residents!


So, get you groove on and come down to tickle a few ivories on any and all of the 14 pianos. Head to the Keys Website or Music For Everyone’s Website for more information regarding locations and additional events  around the pianos. You can also follow the pianos on the MFE Facebook Page where we will be posting pictures and announcing various events and promotions relating to the pianos all summer long.

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